Time basis publishing

It’s not very useful to be able to change the date of a page and not been able to hide (Send to draft?) at the same time the one not needed. Been able to do it in a scale schedule, one after the other could be also great.

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Author: Joaquim

Vote count: 4

Status: open


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Can you clarify? You change a date to a page or post every time you “update” it. The old version of the content with the old date after updating exists only as a previous version of the updated page and is not reachable any more for the visitors of the site (you can as admin check the old versions of a post/page from the editor).
To hide a published page/post, you just don’t show it in the frontend if it’s new. If you want to remove it from the frontend without deleting it you revert it to drafts so that even if the user has the old url to it they won’t be able to access it and that corresponds to unpublishing it.
Are you asking for a way to hide a published page without making it an unpunished draft?

This was originally posted 3 years ago, so the OP may not still be around.

Let’s be optimistic about that. Maybe they are going to answer…
I haven’t followed each petition, but now the forum shuffles them and some of them can get attention. If not from op from other members of the community.

Does anyone even know what this petition is trying to achieve? I’ve read it thrice and I sure don’t.


Nope. Haven’t got a clue. I think it can be marked to close in 7 days and if Joaquim wants to come back before then and clarify it can be reopened.


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