Tiny MCE in the future?

I’ve read in various posts about Gutenberg that support will go away for TINY MCE in 2020 or 2021… SO, my question is this… what happens in/to CLASSICPRESS in regards to TINY MCE when that happens? Will CLASSICPRESS teams be working on something that (either) replaces or modifies the core code to include a TINY MCE-like editor? A strange question, I know, but my whole reason for getting ready to SWITCH over to CLASSICPRESS is that I want to continue using TINY MCE (or something very much like it)…

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Hi Dick,

I can imagine it is all a little confusing.

WordPress always has had the TinyMCE editor. That is what you are using now when you write a page/post on a default install (not sure what the premium themes from Themeforest use).

The posts you have read are about Gutenberg, which has nothing to do with ClassicPress, because we have forked WordPress 4.9.8, that is the current version of WP without Gutenberg.

The posts that have been published on for example WP Tavern explain that the Classic Editor plugin will be supported until December 31, 2021. Again this has nothing to do with ClassicPress, because it does not use the new editor and therefore there is no need to use an additional plugin.

Hope this makes it a bit better clear, if not let me know and I will try again :slight_smile:

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Nothing: we’ll keep TinyMCE as-is. We have no need to replace it and no plans to do so.

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Well, that’s really why I posed the question… will TinyMCE stay “just as is”, or will you (possibly) be improving it as new versions of CP move forward? I thought TinyMCE was something developed by a separate entity/company???

Perhaps a better way to say this: in ClassicPress the core editor functionality will remain the same as what you’re used to.

Yes, TinyMCE is developed by a separate entity. We’ll evaluate the direction that future versions of TinyMCE take, and consider upgrading to include bugfixes and new features that don’t break the existing editor experience.

You raise a good point here, though. I think it’s likely that future versions of TinyMCE will be “tied” to the direction of Gutenberg to some extent, so we’ll have to evaluate the changes carefully before upgrading.

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Excellent - that REALLY answers the question… in fact, I’m hoping you’ll be able to bring the authors of TinyMCE into the CP fold… not so much to “make improvements” (I’m actually VERY satisfied with the TinyMCE experience, and have been ever since I started using WP several years back)

What I think would be MOST AMUSING is if you got TinyMCE to just “pull the plug” on Gutenberg IMMEDIATELY after it goes into core, so that Gutenberg winds up floating on a sinking iceberg of it’s own creation - ALL ALONE… that could also (well) mean that folks who appreciate what CP is trying to do in re: “community decisions” would just ABANDON Matt and his minions, and WP would get the “comeuppance” it so rightly deserves for FORCING such an awful product into core! I can dream, can’t I, lol?


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