TinyMCE v5 support in Beaver Builder

@Pross Hey Simon, we began experimenting with TinyMCE upgrade to v5 today. You can find a discussion here and then the experimental plugin here.

Since I use BB exclusively in my projects I naturally wanted to test and see what happens. As expected there was an issue, the TinyMCE editor is gone from the text module. I created a GitHub issue to track this.

So I wanted to get this on your radar and see if BB would be willing to support TinyMCE v5 when it eventually ends up in the core. As I said, we literally started experimenting and testing today so a lot will change and I don’t have any details yet.



I got the editor to init i the BB UI after hacking both plugins, its gonna need some JS changed our side to get things to work, at least at the moment it gracefully falls back to text mode.


Thanks, Simon. I appreciate you taking the time to look into this. I’ll keep this thread open, so we can use it to monitor any issues.