Too many 500 status codes when accessing the administration

I upgraded to 1.0.0 rc1.
The site works normally, but I find too many errors 500 in the logs. These errors occur when you access the site administration. However, the administration seems to be working normally.
Most bugs come from queries similar to this:

[20/Feb/2019:22:20:03 +0200] “GET /wp-admin/load-styles.php?c=1&dir=ltr&load%5B%5D=dashicons,admin-bar,common,forms,admin-menu,dashboard,list-tables,edit,revisions,media,themes,about,nav-menus,wp-pointer,widgets&load%5B%5D=,site-icon,l10n,buttons,wp-auth-check&ver=cp_7090ac28 HTTP/2.0” 500

This was not caused by the upgrade, similar errors were in the last beta and WordPress, but there were fewer.

I also add a photo of the recent queries whit errors.

I will enjoy some guidance :slight_smile:

Can you provide us the log files to see more details of the errors. So we can find further info for the problem?

Yes, i post a link to the log of the past weeks.

Meanwhile, the hosting company advised me to use define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); in file wp-config.php. It looks like it works.

The file you sent seems to be the access.log and not the error.log
Check after the hosting suggestion if the errors keep happening.

For These Errors there were no entries in Error Log on Cpanel (or the server does not show it to me).
For now, things seem fixed.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Great to hear everything seems fixed - we will mark this as resolved and schedule it to be closed in a couple of days. :slight_smile:

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No problem. Happy to help when I can.

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As others have said, we can’t do much about this issue without seeing the error messages that correspond to these HTTP 500 errors.

When ClassicPress raises an error, it does put a message in the error logs. However, this is usually not caused by ClassicPress itself.

The most common causes for HTTP 500 errors are plugin conflicts or problems with the server/hosting environment. You might try asking your web host for details about these errors too.


I asked for information from the hosting company at the beginning. They could not tell me much more than I already knew. What is important is that they have directed me to a workable solution.
I spent time on this puzzle, not because it was a problem, but rather a curiosity.
After the tests I made, I find the most likely cause of the server environment’s specificity. Despite the many HTTP 500 codes, I did not find anything on my site that does not work normally.
My entire consumer experience with ClassicPress in the past 2 months is more than good and I look forward to the official release.


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