Tools > Import - why WP and no CP?

When I go to Tools > Import I see this:

I assume that Wordpress was left in as an option for those who want to pull WP data into a CP site.

But shouldn’t there also be an option for those wanting to import data from another CP site?

Just curious as to why this section was left unchanged. I guess there was a good reason.

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This was an oversight, not a specific decision. Anyway the WordPress importer will also work to import data from a CP site, since the export file formats are the same.

The items in this list are pulled from the API, and the relevant code could use an update:

It would be pretty easy to just change this text to “WordPress or ClassicPress”, but when you install that plugin you are still going to get something that says “WordPress Importer” which might cause the same kind of confusion.

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Right, thanks.

So, when you install WordPress Importer, that is coming from WP? It’s a sort of plugin?

Yes, that just installs the wordpress-importer plugin from the WP plugin repo: