Trying to create .pfx from ssl cert

I am trying to create a .pfx file for clients application
I have “normal” ssl cert files crt, key and cabundle.
Instructions found on web are for nano
Instruction 1
Login to WHM panel, and open Terminal:

  1. Store your private key file to the /backup directory.
    nano /backup/private.key
    Did that but where is this file now?
    I opened the tremininal in whm if i do dir i get
    [[email protected] ~]# dir
    anaconda-ks.cfg cloudlinux_ea3_to_ea4 kernelcare-latest-7.rpm legacy_ea3_distiller_files-1574295486.tar.gz perl5 tmp cpanel3-skel ins_cpanel.log latest list1 setup
    So question is can I, and if so how do I see file just created or else navigate to individual cpanel directory

OK might have it sorted.
Managed to create and save a pfx file to a place I could find it.
Have sent it to client, so wait and see if it works.

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What command(s) did you use to turn these into a .pfx file?

Got a link to the instructions you used, to make this a more complete post for others to reference?

I’ll put together a post covering the steps I took and reference where I found the info.
It turned out to be fairly straight forward, a single command in nano, but only once everything else was in place.
The biggest problem for me was the lack of knowledge on file structure and not having used nano before.
The sites I found seemed to assume familiarity with both.