TukuToi Hierarchical Posts Tree View 1.0.3

TukuToi Hierarchical Posts Tree View

When you have a Hierarchical Post Type such as Pages, it is often difficult to keep track of the Hierarchy and the related Child Or Parent posts of a certain item.
In the ClassicPress Posts Admin List, when you search by a given Post, you won’t see the related Parent or Child items connected to it, in the resulting posts list.
Thus you need to edit the post, to see what parent Posts it has. You still can’t find its children post this way.

The TukuToi Hierarchical Posts Tree View Plugin adds a ClassicPress Dashboard Widget to display hierarchical Pages or Posts in a searchable list, which keeps showing the parent and child posts of the search result.
Thus, it resolves this organisational problem.
It is made to to work both with ClassicPress as well as WordPress 4.9+


Either from The ClassicPress Directory, or from Git or from the WP Plugin Repo.


Thru GitHub, or adequate support forum of plugin. If you use ClassicPress forum, please @ mention me in your forum post.

Thru a set of Filters you can also customise this plugin heavily, thus adding additional widgets, changing the post type queried, the amount of posts queried, the offset shown on first load, and you can as well paginate the results (by passing URL parameters per_page and offset
See the plugin’s readme file for more information.
Documentation on these filters is coming soon on our main website as well, stay tuned.