TukuToi ShortCodes

TukuToi ShortCodes

TukuToi ShortCodes provides an essential set of ShortCodes to use within ClassicPress. It allows you to practically display any Post, User or Term Data. Additionally it features Conditional ShortCodes, Mathematical Operations ShortCodes and Edit Links on the Front End without knowing PHP. Together with the TukuToi Template Builder and TukuToi Search And Filters plugins, the set of ShortCodes is expanded to layout, search, pagination and more. Developers can also hook in to add their own ShortCodes the GUI.


It is highly recommended to install CP Plugin Directory, then find the plugin TukuToi ShortCodes and install from within the CP Admin Area. Keeping the CP Plugin Directory installed and active, will also allow you to pull updates within your admin dashboard.
You get the best results out of this plugin if you also use:

If you want to do things on your own and keep scanning Git/Directory on your own for updates, you can find the plugin in CP’s Directory


I provide support (bug fixes, feature requests, how to) on GitHub only.
This is a plugin part of a bigger project, which is huge. I appreciate help, and also would invite you to read the GPL License once again, specially section 11

Few ScreensShots of what you can expect of the backend

See TukuToi Template Builder


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