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I am an old user of wordpress, now on cp 1.6. I wish to use “Twenty Ten” theme because I like it. However, it is not “responsive” . Please advice me whether I should use it or not. My blog has scitech content.
Also please suggest other themes. I am currently using “Asteroid”, which is good but I want something cleaner.

Hi @freebird, good to hear from you. You’re right. The Twenty Ten theme isn’t responsive. With everyone on some device, having a responsive theme ensures everyone can read your writing.

Have you looked at this thread with a list of CP themes?

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There is also, that is my own themes. Not a part of the CP official sites. Just an initiative I took on my own to promote a number of CP themes I was—and am—building.

I refit the Twenty Eleven WP theme into a child theme. this might be a good way for you to go with the 2010 theme is to make a child theme and then use Bootstrap 3 to replace the meat and potatoes of the stylesheet with.

You can try BS3 Reduced which is a smaller version of BS3. Maybe that would be a good starting point to make responsive. GitHub - tradesouthwest/bootstrap-three-reduced: Various selectors removed from Twitter Bootstrap stylesheet to reduce page load time.

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