TwentyEleven Child Theme Available

The 2011 theme for WordPress is nice but it could be wider for most modern browsers. 11wider is your solution for a theme that uses the 2011 unique settings and can look great in a wider style as well as give you more room for what really counts: content.

This child theme adds background for active menu items; dropdown icon for menu items with children; a smaller heading above the image header; option to show no header page with noheader-page template.

Elevenwider is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

Current download or fork at:

Any comments or features can be added here or github.


I might give this a try soon.

Question: Is this only available in dark mode? I’m not a fan of dark mode.

I see that the parent theme is not dark.

The dark theme is an Option for the parent. I love dark themes so I left that as my screenshot for the child theme.

Please let me know once your try it. The added features is what I’d like feedback on. thanks in advance.

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I may be able to go back to my sites development this last week of April.

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