TwentyEleven Child Theme Available

The 2011 theme for WordPress is nice but it could be wider for most modern browsers. 11wider is your solution for a theme that uses the 2011 unique settings and can look great in a wider style as well as give you more room for what really counts: content.

This child theme adds background for active menu items; dropdown icon for menu items with children; a smaller heading above the image header; option to show no header page with noheader-page template.

Elevenwider is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

Current download or fork at:

Any comments or features can be added here or github.


I might give this a try soon.

Question: Is this only available in dark mode? I’m not a fan of dark mode.

I see that the parent theme is not dark.

The dark theme is an Option for the parent. I love dark themes so I left that as my screenshot for the child theme.

Please let me know once your try it. The added features is what I’d like feedback on. thanks in advance.

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I may be able to go back to my sites development this last week of April.

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I’m back to working on my sites, and so I was able to try out your child theme for Twenty Eleven. I probably won’t use it personally, but I like very much the changes you’ve made.

I also like that you make it possible to add the “sidebar” below single-post pages. Also, the additional secondary menu above the site title will be very useful.

Still, your child theme can use improvements, and here are my suggestions:

  • Add the ability to hide the secondary menu if it is non-existent. Right now, if this menu doesn’t exist, it is still shown with a link to Home.

  • Add more options for font customization, maybe fully embrace the use of Google Fonts to style different HTML elements.

  • The search and menu bars need to be more mobile friendly.

Great suggestions and thanks for taking the time to look at this one. Secondary menu SHOULD be optional, so I will add the option to remove completely as a mod. (wish we could use Theme Options in CP but still waiting on Theme Repo which I’m sure is a long ways off into the future).

Google Font addition is something I loathe in basic themes. I say this because anything that goes out to the Interweb and GETS anything, to me, is just more resources. Speed is my middle name, LOL. But a good suggestion, in general for this theme.

Will look at last suggestion.

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I also don’t like downloading font resources from Google, but perhaps you can embed them on the child-theme itself by using @font-face rules (though you’ll need to make sure the font license allows for that).

You can also use font stacks or just the old web safe fonts, if you don’t really like Google fonts. Just a few options to change the overall look, say, from sans-serif-based to serif-based. For example, if I’m going to use it for long-form blogging, I sure would like to replace the default Arial font with something easier to read, like Georgia. Adding an option to adjust the font size will also be great.

Themes are a look for your site. If you want a different look, use a different theme.
A lot of themes try to be a framework to support different looks, which is fine, but that’s not what a child theme is about.


Yes font stacks are great. That is actually a good idea. At current this theme uses: “Raleway”,“Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; But enqueing the Raleway was more than outside-my-confort-zone. To enqueue fonts “correctly” you need about three separate functions in order to be sure fonts are compatible with a user’s country character sets. (Another reason to love font-stacks)

Thinking that font stack are great because they allow for a user to SEE the theme in their native device as familiar (fonts). That is basically what a font stack can offer over a ruled font. I have seen some stacks that are around 30 to 50 font types long though.

Also the point that @joyously brings up is on point since most themes offer a look and feel identity specific to the theme. Also I didn’t want to go too far off the path outside of the TwentyEleven theme itself. My intent was to meerly make it wider. LOL.

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