UK Hosting Provider: CloudAbove

If you’re in the UK and are looking for a good, reliable host, then I recommend

They are a relatively small outfit based in Newquay, Cornwall. Because they are small, their customer service and tech support is exceptional. Been with them two years (since previous small hosting company we used was purchased by multi-national and performance & support nose-dived)

Performance is good using LiteSpeed. The pricing is reasonable - I will always pay a little more for good support (do the same with ISP

Last autumn, moved client with large site (2000 members, extensive private area and shop) from TSOhosts to CloudAbove, and had lots of comments about the site being much quicker front & backend.

cPanel hosting comes with Installatron script installer. It doesn’t have ClassicPress, but you can install any version of WordPress back to v1.5.1 !!


This is often the case with the smaller companies, and great if you can find something like this. Unfortunately, as you have noted, the good ones seem to get grabbed eventually by larger companies, and then service and support goes pear-shaped. Hopefully this doesn’t happen with CloudAbove!

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After being with a number of UK hosts - large and small - I now use CloudAbove, shared server, and would agree with all the comments above. For me they tick all the right boxes both technically as well as their customer service. :+1:


I tried to use CloudAbove but did not really like it. Their technical support ignored my tickets and requests from time to time. Especially when I wanted to make a backup - replication of my forum for Arma 3 server after the DDOS attack I had. In the end, I have just changed to Cloud4u when found their link in Google. Their support, to my fortunate, did not ignore me. They even helped me to restore my old files, heh.