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HELP! HELP! I am able to get to my site and trying to login to the admin area; I just recently upgraded to the most recent version of CP BETA; when I click, after entering username and password on the login page, it just “loops”… comes right back to the login page, with no error being displayed… the regular site, https://contemporaryfusionreviews.com works just fine, but I can’t get into admin to update/create posts. Has anyone else encountered this, and do you know a fix?

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Looks to me like you have some security policy in place that’s causing a problem.

Do you have a plugin that’s calling resources from Doubleclick? Do you have access to File Manager in cPanel, or FTP access?

I don’t believe so; I do have access to cPanel, filemanager and FTP

I also have the original BETA; should I do a manual install of that, perhaps?

I just checked, and do NOT have the original BETA…

If you access your plugins folder via FTP or cPanel’s File Manager, you will be able to see a list of the plugins installed on your site. Maybe that might jog your memory. You can disable them by simply renaming the folder – e.g. by simply adding -off to the folder name. If you get the right plugin, that should make your site work again.

Alternatively, you can just ask your host to restore a backup. But this isn’t a ClassicPress problem. I have two live sites running the beta2 version, and they are performing flawlessly, including for logins.

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I’m using the latest ClassicPress Beta version in a production site with WooCommerce without any kind of issue till the moment.

It definetly seems related to your hosting security or htaccess settings because the frontend is loading fine.


I did as you suggested for the plugins, and also made the .htaccess file “virgin”; I still can’t get to the backend… ugggghhh

You can reset the plugins by deleting the -off. But it definitely sounds like time to talk to your host. Maybe they have just made a change to their security policy.

I had a login loop problem with a site ages ago that boiled down to my having misconfigured the COOKIE_DOMAIN constant in the config file. I don’t see any mention of that here, but thought I’d toss it out there anyway.

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The host folks found some settings in the cPanel WPConfig file that were set incorrectly; that SEEMS to have resolved all problems… I’ll be keeping a close eye on it, though; thanks for your suggestions!


Glad you were able to figure it out! :slight_smile:

And @Dick_Metcalf please get some backups of your site if you have not done so already. I use UpdraftPlus and my host also makes weekly backups supposedly. But always have regularly updated backups of your site and in case it happens again, or you should ever get hacked you just delete the database, reinstall WP, then CP, install UpdraftPlus and then upload the backup and your site is back up in minutes.


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