Unable to embed videos from other video platforms than Youtube

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I
My problem is exactly what the tittle says.
I can’t embed videos from other video platforms on my CP website. The only videos that I embed properly and load too are those of Youtube. When I’m trying to embed videos from video platforms like bitchute or streamable or vimeo etc the player frame loads on the published post but the video doesn’t load at all.
Is this a problem of wordpress in general or a problem of CP?

Is there any way to fix this? A plugin or something else?

If this is a wordpress matter is it possible to change it on CP? You see I don’t have a YouTube account and I don’t intend to start one just for the sake of showing videos on my website, but on the other hand I don’t have that much space on my hosting plan to upload the videos on my server and stream them from there.


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Hi @Marialena.S and welcome back :slight_smile:

Can you send us a URL to a page that displays a bitchute or streamable video player but doesn’t load for you? You can also send it to me in a direct message if you don’t want to share publicly.

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I haven’t upload anything on this platform so any of the videos will probably be suitable for testing.

Give a try to this one: ( it is not mine of course)

And one from streamable:

Graphic Content


Edit to add: It loads them instantly here. Why wordpress can’t load them at all… ? :frowning: :frowning:

I intend to use one of these two video platforms.
Bitchute is very good because it has better compression so a video that is 250 mb on youtube is just 50mb on bitchute ( I have checked this out) so I assume that it will load faster.
Streamable on the other hand is just for streaming so you don’t have to retain a channel or something or reply to the comments under each video and such things. You upload your video there and then you embed it on your website and that’s it. But you have to pay a monthly fee on streamable but it looks super fast to me…
If I could embed the videos on my blog of course… lol

@Marialena.S we need to see these videos as they are embedded on your site. As far as I know these embeds should work fine.

You need to use the embed code, not the URL. For BitChute, click on the icon I have added the yellow arrow to. That will bring up the popup box.

Copy the code from the second box “Embed Video HTML” to your clipboard. Then paste it into your site page using the “Text” mode of the editor, not “Visual”. Works on one of my CP sites.

With the Streamable one, right-click on the video to see the “Copy embed code” and add it the same way. It worked too, but was very large. Would need some tweaking.

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Here’s the code I used to get both videos showing correctly:

<div style="text-align: center;"><iframe style="border: none;" src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/LUzwgePrP1WE/" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>
<div style="text-align: center;"><iframe style="border: none;" src="https://streamable.com/e/xmmoa7" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></div>

You can then switch back to “Visual” mode to finish writing your page content.

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Wow… Thank you James. It works. Thank you, Graham I got the embed code! :smiley:

May I ask something else too? How did you manage to figure out how to do it? I mean ignore the visual mode and take the embed code, instead of the url that works for YT videos, and then embed this code on the text mode.

I’m asking because I have to admit that I didn’t even think to do this because I had the impression that the visual mode ( and the insert editor’s button ) would probably work with all videos from all videos platforms.
I mean that I went for the obvious and visible option that it is there for that purpose.

Anyway… thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Experience. I have had to figure this stuff out in the past for my own sites. So I’m just passing my learning on to you :smiley:

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Now that you told me how to do it I only have to choose a video platform.
But this is tricky because there are plenty of options to choose.
Which one would you choose and why?
Here are some:
Bitchute, streamable, vimeo , brighteon, veoh,dailymotion, dtube and the list goes one.
Do you use any of them and why?

Yes but I - personally -assumed that it should work on visual mode out of the box. Have you ever thought how many people wouldn’t ask for hacks like this if such things worked as they are supposed to work? I mean in the user friendly visual mode?

I for instance have a slight idea of how to switch on the text mode. What if in my place was my sister who is managing a university’s library website and she doesn’t know a thing!!! ?? lol
She would contact immediately the guy who designed their website and she would break his nerves, and she would made him a potential murdered, ha ha haaaaaaaa simply because this embed option doesn’t work out of the box with all video platforms after so many years, and it is NOT user friendly!

I think that this is a matter that CP’s team should consider.
WP is so disfunctional in some cases… I’m not blaming the CP developer team now. I’m just saying that if CP want to follow a different road it should fix these things that it seems that never worked on WP.

Why the forum’s platform loads and embeds everything instantly but the WP/CP users have to ask for a/the hack to do the same thing?
This is counter productive.

That is the case with YouTube videos. Why, I don’t know. Somebody must have decided to add that function to WP in the dim past.

For other platforms, I guess they figure if you know what the embed code is, then you know how to use it.

I have used paid video player plugins in the past but can’t remember why or which ones. I just use the embed code now. As far as I’m aware, you couldn’t add those videos here in the forum. Your Streamable one is just a link.

The only place I’ve ever hosted videos is on YouTube, so can’t help you with deciding which one is best. Other members may be able to help you with that.

Yes I agree. The matter is that the internet is developing and expand while WP isn’t.

YT is completely disfunctional. I can’t watch videos on it any more and I use mirror websites because everything jumps up and down there and eventually crashes all of my browsers, because it loads trillions of scripts. I use currently a browser that has four different security add ons and each and every one of them overloads of blocked items, scripts and trackers and ads etc, whenever I’m visiting YT.

Simplicity and functionality is not in YT vocabulary.

This is basically the answer you are wanting. Each new site for videos can do things their own way. To integrate with all of them is a non-stop job, so WP picks the most popular and maintains that list.
It doesn’t happen by magic, you know. There is the oEmbed standard that has to be followed.
Some providers are being removed in WP 5.5, due out in 2 days.

But most of the times they do things better than the mainstream video platforms do them.
As I said previously Bitchute has better compression on its videos. Same quality, smaller size, faster loading that is what I mean. And they are getting better and better and they have attract a lot of people there.
YT that seems to be WP’s favourite is unwatchable after the changes they did. On my main browser, when I scroll down to read the comments everything starts jumping. Literally. ha ha it is funny.
The frames jump on the screen. And my browser it is a Chrome based browser! And some other times it simply crashes something that never happens on other video websites.
Not to mention the awful layout that is a mess.

That is the reason why I’m not interested at all to use YT for the video tutorials I intend to add on my website. I have no reason to get involved with this mess. Switching my website’s editor on the text mode is the easy task. Uploading the videos on the video platform is the complicated thing.

And now that I’m thinking about it I will probably use streamable because there is not need to add descriptions and links and make a channel and explain what the channel is all about and such complicated things. :slight_smile:

I use a couple of Chromium based browsers to watch YouTube and don’t have problems with jumping.

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Mine is based on Chromium too but it jumps. I use SRware Iron on linux.
I think that it has nothing to do with the browser because this happens only on YT and nowhere else. If a website is in a mess then the/any browser can’t save it after all.
Anyway … I don’t care. Each and everyone is responsible for his own website. If YT doesn’t work I’ll use something else. I haven’t done any kind of contract to use exclusively this video platform. In fact I have a difficulty to decide which video platform it would be better to use. There are so many options . :slight_smile:

P.S. The problem is already solved so you can put this thread at the solved ones, but I don’t mind if we chat! :smiley:

Marked as solved.

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