Unofficial Forum Available

After using CP on all my sites since the Beta days, and with the permission of the CP team, I have made the [no longer available] website.

I have designed it as an unofficial forum where ordinary website owners can discuss using CP. It is not intended to compete with this forum, but to be a place where ordinary people like me, who only have basic technical skills, can ask questions and share tips.

It is a more laid-back forum where no one is an expert or has authority over anyone else. Being separate from the CP team and not concerned with how CP actually works or is governed, it will hopefully attract site owners who may otherwise feel a bit intimidated by the official forum or Slack.

I am very aware of the need to spread the word about CP and the site is made to help in that. The CP team insisted I make it plain the forum and site is not owned, operated, endorsed or affiliated with ClassicPress in any way.

I have advised people to come to the official forum if they need professional advice, technical or otherwise. Hopefully, it will be just another tool in raising awareness of CP, at no cost to the project.

Please feel free to join as an ordinary member and to let others know the site exists. Every little bit helps in getting the word out.


Thanks for making this site to get the word out there.

I was able to sign up for an account using my address, but not my address.

No worries James, hope it helps the project.

I am using two plugins that affect user registration - WPBruiser and Code Potent’s Registration Honeypot.

In WPBruiser, I see a log entry “Token Submitted Early”, so I have unticked the checkbox for monitoring registrations. Will see if that stops it or if anyone else has problems.

Edit: Successfully registered a dummy account [email protected] with no WPBruiser message.


Hi Graham, I see you are using Asgaros Forum. Any reason for this choice? Have they made any mention of supporting CP at all.

I’m asking because I manage one site with bbPress and I don’t expect them to be very CP-friendly in the long term.

PS Just signed up with a gmail account… no problems.

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I have used Asgaros on many sites over the years. It is not one of the better known ones, but has grown from a simple and basic forum into one that can do most things dedicated forum software can.

There are some features it doesn’t have, but it has most of the ones you need. It is lightweight, works well with the CMS and, most importantly, is not owned by Automatiic.

It is certainly much more powerful and admin friendly than bbPress. I haven’t asked them if they would support CP though.

Yes, thanks for joining the forum.

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I just signed up with my personal email with no problems.

Yes, it would appear having WPBruiser monitor registrations was the culprit.

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Confirmed fixed. Thanks!

I’ve tried to register but can’t login. Mail address xxxxxxx. User name xxxxx.
Thank you.

[Edited by @ozfiddler to remove personal details. If you are still having problems please send direct message to @aussie]


You will have received an email with a link to set your password. Please check your spam folder. Your registration is not complete until you action that email.

Please delete your details from your post.



Please note that, as with any WP/CP site, when you register for an account, you are asked for:

  1. Username
  2. Email Address

You are then sent an email which contains a link you need to click on to set your password.

If you try to login without first clicking on that link, then brute force protection will block your IP address after a preset number of attempts. You will then not be able to access the site at all.

Please check your spam folder for that activation email.

This registration process is not determined by me, it is how the CMS is designed to work.


I joined their support forum and asked the developer about compatibility. Here is the reply:

Currently I don’t plan to break compatibility with version 4.9.x to ensure that the plugin can be used by as many users as possible.

However, new WordPress releases also come with new functionalities for plugin-developers, which are worth to evaluate over time, so I cannot tell you any date yet on how long the plugin will be compatible with version 4.9.x.

I also don’t know what’s the plan of the ClassicPress developers. If they also integrate new functionalities introduced by WordPress, which are not related to Gutenberg, the chance is high that there are no compatibility issues, because Asgaros Forum will not use Gutenberg functionality under any circumstances.

Sounds like he doesn’t think much of Gutenberg either :grinning:

I have also asked that they add ClassicPress as a tag on the plugin at


Hmmm… that’s interesting. Sounds promising.

Thanks for asking Graham