UpCloud promoting ClassicPress

This appeared in my UpCloud monthly newsletter:

How to configure ClassicPress using VestaCP
ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress that serves as a business and a professional focused CMS. What sets ClassicPress apart is the preservation of the classic TinyMCE editor as the default option. Moreover, it is strictly a community-based project and decisions are been made democratically.
In this community-contributed tutorial, you can learn how to set up, install and configure a ClassicPress website on Ubuntu 18.04. To make this easy and fast, we are first installing Vesta Control Panel that can be used to manage multiple websites, email accounts, MySQL Databases, DNS records and more.

Good to see another host acknowledging and supporting ClassicPress.


Shout out to @Devrealm_Guy for the post they are promoting :slightly_smiling_face: