Update admin bar to show "Logged in as username"

Where the howdy text used to be, it now just shows the username. This messes with the symmetry of the area given the big tabs underneath (Screen Options / Help). I’d like to see that string a bit longer, such as “Logged in as username”, with the username in bold.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/96/update-admin-bar-to-show-logged-in-as-username

Author: Code Potent

Vote count: 8

Status: open


  • request-modify-feature
  • difficulty-easy


I think this is irrelevant. It looks good as is.

Users are used to see their username and know they are logged in with that username.

Saying: “logged in as” is just added fuss.

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Close (don’t need it, close it)

Its a good idea but adding more text to the already congested admin bar is not ideal. Its already filterable via the “admin_bar_menu” hook for those who want to customize it if I am correct.

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