Update Manager - last call for updates

Last Call

I’ve moved my update server to updates.codepotent.com, but, I’m still seeing a few pings at codepotent.com for updates. This is one last chance to update the plugin before I take the (old) endpoint down. At that point, you will no longer be able to update (except via FTP) and any queries to the (old) endpoint will trigger a firewall block which will prevent you from even viewing the site in a browser. The endpoint will be removed next weekend, no later than 4/12.

This is a last call and no further notices will be issued. Please update your installations ASAP.

Note: This post is only relevant to those who are using the Update Manager plugin. Other Code Potent plugins are unaffected. If your Update Manager installation is up to date (version 2.0.0) you are already on top of this and there is no action to take.