Update Manager updated to 2.3.0

Update Manager 2.3.0

Painlessly push updates to your ClassicPress plugin and theme users! Serve updates from GitHub, your own site, or somewhere in the cloud. 100% integrated with the ClassicPress update process; slim and performant.

UpdateClient.class.php updated

The client class is updated. You don’t need to update the class in your plugins to use the new version. An update is only needed if you want to use the new features.



This filter allows to add fields to the request made by the UpdateClient.class.php. It’s useful for plugin authors that wants to pass data to some Update Manager extension. For example Stats for Update Manager uses it to allow plugin authors to give their users the choice to opt-in or out from their site being counted usage in statistics.

function some_function_name($body) {
	if( 'no' === get_option( 'my-slug-usage-statistics' ) ) {
		$body['sfum'] = 'no-log';
	return $body;
add_filter('codepotent_update_manager_filter_{your-slug-here}_client_request', 'some_function_name');


  1. New feature: Add filter to populate post data. Closes #66.
  2. Deprecated codepotent_update_manager_image_path and codepotent_update_manager_image_url filters.
  3. Fix #54 Add plugin slug to image path and URL filters.
  4. Fix #55 Modal window missing “Tested Up to:” version number.
  5. Fix #63 Broken link to installation instructions.
  6. Fix #64 Better error handling PR by Nylen.
  7. Fix #65 Clicking “Install Update Now” button from Transients section does nothing.