Update template for support requests

I was looking at the template for support requests and I think we should update it to be more relevant to support requests. It looks like a template for bug reports.

Here’s the template:

Here’s what I suggest we do:

  1. Remove “Possible solution” section. Users won’t know how to fix it, that’s why they request support.
  2. Request hosting/server information, if available: WP/CP version, PHP, MySQL, server type, etc.
  3. Change “reproduce this bug” to “reproduce the issue you’re experiencing”.
  4. Change “Providing context helps us come up with a solution that is most useful in the real world.” to “Providing context helps us provide quick and efficient support and advice relevant to your situation.”

If anyone has any additional suggestions, feel free to share.

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Where is this?

Here on the forums, or on GitHub?

Here, when creating a post in the support category.

We can update it, but people have to actually post in the support forum to see it.
Most people just go to General and then we end up manually moving it therefore bypassing the support template.

You’re right, that’s one thing we need to overcome. I was thinking about this and category pages in general. The descriptions we have don’t show up when you’re inside a category. One thing we could do is make those descriptions visible on category pages using headers/banners. Here are two possible implementations:

This one is a bit nicer:

If we assume many new users are trying to get support, maybe we could add a banner or some other alert-type element on the homepage of the forum at the top that would say something like:

“Do you need help with ClassicPress or migration? Open a support ticket” The link would open editor/page to create a ticket for the support category using the template. If we wanted to do something a bit fancier, we could also hide this message for higher trust level users, since they’ve been around long enough to not need a reminder. This one is a bit more complex, though.

Just some thoughts on this.

If you do implement a pointer to the category, please call them “topics” and not “tickets”.

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