Updated 2 sites to 2.0 - a couple of comments


Firstly, I want to say big thanks to the team. I am really happy that 2.0 exists, and I am equally happy to say that I installed it with very little trouble.

My initial attempt to upgrade manually resulted in a 500 error so I took another route and upgraded the sites via Softaculous which is one of the tools that GreenGeeks (where I have my sites hosted) offers. This involved deleting the current installation and then installing a new one but that went without any problems.

I noticed that the Softaculous page offers 2.0 but still has a page of text that asserts Classicpress is a fork of WP 4.9. It fooled me for a moment, and might fool other people. Have Softaculous created this page or is it something the dev team have given them? In either case it would be good to update it.

Secondly, the new site health checks offer some advice I am not sure whether to believe or not. It tells me to delete unused themes, for example. It says "Your site has 3 installed themes, and they are all up to date.

Your site has 1 inactive theme, other than Twenty Seventeen, the default ClassicPress theme, and Fiveboys 2, your active theme. You should consider removing any unused themes to enhance your site’s security." The “unused theme” is the parent theme for the default so I cannot remove it without the health checks telling me that my default theme is broken.

It also warns me that I may not get automatic upgrades because it “couldn’t retrieve a list of the checksums for ClassicPress 6.2.3. This could mean that connections are failing to WordPress.org or ClassicPress.net.” Should I be concerned about this? Can I fix it?


The Site Health check is something we’ve imported from WP, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some kinks in it for CP. So thanks for starting this thread!

So far as themes are concerned, I’d just ignore that warning since you clearly understand what you have and all the themes are up to date.

I do think it’s a concern that it’s suggesting you delete a parent theme, though, and I’m surprised that WP (which has been running this for a few years now) hasn’t addressed that. I certainly think we should, and I’m going to look into this now.

I’ll leave someone else to address the checksums.


I’m also wondering if the out-of-date text you saw was a product of a cache not being cleared properly when you updated. That’s definitely a problem we inherited when we forked WP and no-one on either platform has yet been able to work out a foolproof way of ensuring that all caches are cleared when an update happens.

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I think I may not have been clear. The out of date text appeared in the Softaculous page when I looked there to find Classicpress and clicked on the CP tab while looking down the list of available CMS installations. Is that page describing the benefits of CP hand crafted or part of an automated upgrade?

I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that it is handmade!

Ah, I see! I think this is a matter for @viktor.