Updating Categories and sub-categories

This is directly related to Further changes to ClassicPress governance (July 2021), but specific to the forum categories.

Right now, the team forums are categorized under Team Discussions. So, what do we call this category if we want to remove the word Teams?

A few suggestions:

  • Operations or Ops
  • Communication
  • Projects
  • Groups
  • Channels (like Slack)

Going forward, we would have the following sub-categories:

  • Core Development
  • Documentation
  • Marketing & Design
  • Localization (right now it’s Internationalisation, but should be Localization)
  • Community
  • Infrastructure
  • Ecosystem
  • Security

And remove Team Updates. Threads under this category can be moved to the Community sub-category.

Or should we revise sub-categories too?


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Ya I’ve been meaning to take a look at the categories, I think we might end up revisiting the whole set up.

If we started from scratch (we can mass move threads) what would work best for people?

While we are at it, I think we should consolidate Plugins and Themes into Directory with subcategories for each.

Do we have any plans to do something similar to what WP does with forums specific for plugins/themes? For example, Classic Editor plugin support forum.

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If we started fresh:


  • Hosting
  • Coding (should maybe be renamed?)
  • Security
  • Meet the community (maybe deleted?)
  • Tutorials

Support stays the same, except maybe remove security page?

Plugins stays the same
Themes stays the same

Governance stays the same, maybe a rename and remove the Community Votes since it kind of doesn’t make sense when you have “petitions” which is also voting.

Then I like Projects:

  • Core Development
  • Documentation
  • Marketing & Design
  • Localization
  • Community (do we really need community?)
  • Directory

Everything else I am not sure we need.

Ya I deleted (un-did the delete since you caught it :wink: ) my post because I realized that, we will want those separate for that case and to keep support for each under their respective categories :slight_smile:

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For General, I agree. I would suggest Coding to be Coding Help maybe? And Meet the community deleted, those should be blog posts. Not needed in the forum.

Support, I agree we don’t need security page category (maybe a tag instead?)

Plugins and themes, I agree with.

For petitions/votes, what are we planning to do with voting? I remember something about adding that functionality to the forum.

I also like Projects. Community project isn’t really a project. Might not be needed.

I would keep Meta for discussions like this, maybe move it to Projects.

What about International category? We do have people posting there from time to time.

Side note, should we rename this topic since we’re discussing the entire forum?

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I will give this a day or two to see if anyone else has any input and then we will go ahead with the changes.

Yup, chatting about this again - going to try set up sometime next week for some downtime for upgrades and installing of that plugin!

I like Meta out, gives it a dedicated place since it isn’t quite a project, but I could be convinced otherwise.

I think we leave it for now, until we have a better plan anyways. I don’t like that they look empty.

Done :slight_smile:

OK, great.

Since forum is an internal project, that would qualify for Projects category. But leaving it out as a standalone category will work too. As long as we have it.

For international, what if we use tags instead of categories for languages?

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That might work, lets see if anyone else has any input and if not that might be the way we go :slight_smile:

One more point I wanted to raise in this thread, blog comments are tied to the forum. What should we do with this?

I was just wondering, how to add comments to the just published DOC announcement - it seems this is some trickery with discord.

It is probably not bad, given the comments should be vetted and having them only from forum members is ok so far I think.
On the other hand, I am not sure how much that avoids other users from commenting? Users that are not members on the forums?

About the Discord categories I do not have a real opinion and thus I believe I am fine with whatever you guys do with it. I would keep it simple, minimal, and only cover the things we really do in this forum. We can always add. Remove is probably more tricky.

ONE thing I wanted was the ability to tag threads with things like “Todo” so I could share whole “chains” of threads for people who want to help but also for myself, because is rather impossible to find all tickets at once where things need to be done. I couldn’t however add tags myself, it seems to required special permissions.
Since that, could we add few tags that are useful for content management and volunteer/community management such as todo, good-first-task, coding-needed, copy-writing, style-and-design or similar?

If that is on topic, of course :slight_smile:

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I agree. The “projects” categories should all have project management style tags, to allow for easier tracking and management of work that needs to be done.


Updated and updated.

I added a tags group to the Projects category :slight_smile:

We will try this set up for a bit and see if we like it :+1:

I think we need some better wording for the category descriptions, @viktor is that something you can help out with?

Thanks, it looks great. I’ll take a look at descriptions in the next day or so. Did you add actual tags to the group? I’m not seeing any tags for Projects categories.

One more thing, Plugins category has a Plugin Releases sub-category. Should we add Theme Releases sub-category to Themes category?

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I did, I think we need to add them to the threads in order for them to show up correctly:

It appears that this tag group is available to the Projects category but not sub-categories because its restricted to that category. If I’m reading settings correctly, I think we need to specify Projects tag group for each sub-category as well.

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That’s annoying, but I’ll add it now, thanks :+1:

Edit: updated :+1:

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