UpdraftPlus works well with ClassicPress

UpdraftPlus Backups is a part of our agency workflow. We use it to take auto-backups before updates, restore small sites, or migrate the db from staging to live sites etc.

While UpdraftPlus doesn’t officially support CP, turns out it supports all the way back to WP 3.2:

So I wanted to take UpdraftPlus Backups (free and premium) for a spin with ClassicPress. Turns out there was no issue!

I was able to create backups, restore backups, and use the auto-backups before updates. I was also able to export the database from the staging site URL to the live site URL, without issue. As far as UpdraftPlus is concerned, its WP 4.9.1 and 4.9.2.



That’s great news! I’m moving to UpdraftPlus Premium with Easy Updates Manager, myself. I’m now managing so many sites I can’t keep up with all the updates. (That’s a good problem to have :wink: )



Yeah, its fantastic news for sure! The only caveat is at some point, they may no longer support WP 4.9. However by that time, CP may be popular enough, it’s a non-issue!

It means we will be able to rollover our Fully Managed WordPress plans over to ClassicPress. More importantly, you’ll be able to make those remote backups.

I actually hard tested 2 migrations with it. I tried to migrate an earlier version of CP to the latest version of CP. UpdraftPlus recognized it was an earlier version of CP (just like WP 4.9) and gave me the warnings.

I’ve stayed away from the easy updates manager and auto-updates (automatic updates seem to lead to problems). My team and I just roll in and do those updates in one swoop at end of month. Some sites take as little as 5 minutes and agencies with reporting take longer - but it goes pretty fast!

Need help? :slight_smile:


UpdraftPlus is excellent. Been using the free version for years. No problems on CP at all.


Same here. I’ve been using it since day 1.


You literally took the words right out of my mouth @Code_Potent! Been using Updraftplus for years and with CP from day 1. No problems whatsoever. It’s a must. Especially great if you’re worried about a hop, skip and jump over to CP from WP. You can roll back in seconds if you need to.

I still have a staging site on the same server for testing before going live with updates. The cost analysis depends on how much you value your site. A service such as Updraftplus is a minimum redundancy whether you’re on CP or WP.