UpFront Builder- Build own Themes für ClassicPress with UpFront

Hello dear CP users and fans,
I’m proud to present UpFront, the revolutionary theme builder and theme framework.
UpFront is a lightweight theme framework that allows you to create, download and use themes for ClassicPress on any ClassicPress.
UpFront is not only aimed at beginners, but also at professional users, because your skill in HTML, CSS and JS is required to get everything out of your design. UpFront takes you by the hand, you achieve beautiful results without a line of your own code. UpFront has already included more complex CSS elements such as switching to responsive mode, for example, by simply giving the elements the desired parameters in responsive mode.
Unlike Elementor, UpFront is not equipped with a click option for every “Had, Was, If” scenario, which benefits the performance of the theme framework.
This is how UpFront shows its strengths to the full in connection with ClassicPress. Especially when it comes to performance, UpFront pulls out all the stops.
UpFront is currently in German, we would be happy if you send us your language files, we will be happy to include them in an update.
Of course, UpFront also comes with the PSOURCE Updater, so your theme and builder is always up-to-date.


Perfect! Waiting for English version, because my German is too rudimentary. Please update the status of the translation, I hope, someone will contribute.

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We are already working on an English version, if you take a look to see if it is correct then we would be delighted.

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How to find the English version?

Just tweeted about UpFront, hope it will help a little bit:

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My better half says we will have a language update for the framework and the builder plugin ready by Friday. We ask for some patience.

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With the update on Friday, the Woo support is also adapted to Classic Commerce (Woo fork), so that it is processed by the framework without a compatibility plugin. At least that’s our plan. The theme has minor problems with virtual pages, I didn’t notice anything with most of the ClassicPress Must Haves, but BuddyPress is not supported and since BuddyPress does everything the “WordPress way” anyway, we won’t waste any energy there either. If someone has, or knows, a great community plugin for ClassicPress, then we would rather see that we integrate it into the framework, should it be necessary.

Mit dem Update am Freitag ist dann auch die Woo-Unterstützung an Classic-Commerce (Woo-Fork) angepasst, so das es ohne Kompatibilitätsplugin vom Framework verarbeitet wird. Zumindest soweit unser Plan. Das Theme hat kleinere Probleme mit virtuellen Seiten, mir ist zwar bei den meisten ClassicPress Must Haves nichts aufgefallen, BuddyPress wird aber nicht unterstützt und da BuddyPress sowieso alles auf die “WordPress Art” macht, werden wir da auch keine Energie verschwenden. Wenn jemand ein tolles Communityplugin für ClassicPress hat, oder kennt, dann würden wir eher schauen das wir dieses in das Framework integrieren, sollte es nötig sein.

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I see this as an opportunity to say goodbye to WordPress in terms of plugin/theme ideology. It would be an easy start for many if we had a well-stocked range of themes, with our own “builder” system, which the Elementor forks and co didn’t really convince me, it’s just so WordPress moderate and overloaded and etc. We will therefore also reorganize our entire range as part of UpFront, for example we have saved quite a few plugins from WPMUDEV to ClassicPress, some of them already fixed up to PhP8.1, some completely adapted to the “PSOURCE” infrastructure, we will all only Label for ClassicPress and only maintain exclusively for ClassicPress. And do it the “ClassicPress way”.

Ich sehe das als eine Chance uns von WordPress auch in Sachen Plugin/Theme Ideologie zu verabschieden. Es wäre ein leichter Start für viele wenn wir ein gut gefüttertes Theme-Sortiment haben, mit einen eigenen “Builder” System, den so wirklich haben mich die Elementor-Forks und Co nicht überzeugt, das ist einfach so WordPress Mässig und Überladen und etc. Wir werden daher auch im Rahmen von UpFront unser komplettes Sortiment reorganisieren, wir haben zum Beispiel ziemlich viele Plugins von WPMUDEV zu ClassicPress gerettet, etliche davon bereits bis PhP8.1 gefixed, einige komplett auf die “PSOURCE” Infrastruktur angepasst, wir werden alle nur noch für ClassicPress labeln und nur noch exklussiv für ClassicPress Weiterpflegen. Und zwar auf die “ClassicPress Art”.


A small update:
The current status for the English language files: 36%
We will link an installable version of Loco-Translate on the UpFront website, then please send me your improvements for the language files.

Bonus: We are now also preparing the CP toolkit for multilingual use. With the CP toolkit you take over the complete branding of your ClassicPress site and your ClassicPress multisite.
The ClassicPress toolkit offers you everything from individual favicons to custom system mails with your own branding and HTML template, search and replace words, admin bar customizing, custom login/register screens and many many more options.
CP Toolkit is the perfect complement to UpFront and will therefore also be available for download on the UpFront homepage in the next few days!

Bonus2: Based on Snapshot3, we have a simple backup plugin in the works so you can still make a quick backup of your site before working with Snapshot.

Ein kleines Update:
Der aktuelle Stand für die Englischen Sprachfiles: 36%
Wir werden eine Installierbare Version von Loco-Translate auf der UpFront Webseite verlinken, bitte schickt mir dann eure Verbesserungen für die Sprachfiles.

Bonus: Wir bereiten nun auch das CP-Toolkit für den Multilingualen Einsatz vor. Mit dem CP-Toolkit übernimmst Du das komplette Branding deiner ClassicPress Seite und Deiner ClassicPress-Multisite.
Von Individuellen Favicons, bis Benutzerdefinierte Systemmails mit eigenem Branding und HTML Template, Wörter suchen und Ersetzen, Admin-Bar Customizing, Benutzerdefinerten Login/Register-Screens und viele viele Optionen mehr, bietet dir das ClassicPress-Toolkit.
CP-Toolkit ist die perfekte Ergänzung zu UpFront und wird daher in den nächsten Tagen auch auf der UpFront Homepage zum Download zur Verfügung stehen!

Bonus2: Basierend auf Snapshot3 haben wir ein einfaches Backup-Plugin in Arbeit, damit Du vor der Arbeit mit Snapshot noch ein schnelles Backup Deiner Seite erstellen kannst.


We just finished the builder plugin translations. Update will be rolled out on Friday.
Status of translations UpFront in English: 65%
Status of translation CP toolkit in English: 30%

Wir haben soeben die Übersetzungen für das Builder-Plugin fertiggestellt. Update wird Freitag ausgerollt.
Stand Übersetzungen UpFront auf Englisch: 65%
Stand Übersetzung CP-Toolkit auf Englisch: 30%

This is very welcome news. I look forward to trying the theme builder and will contribute to English files if needed. Thanks.

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I am very happy Jeremy
I’ll send out the update today with the English files, we will of course continue to improve the translations and add missing strings in the next updates. Just let me know if you notice something or have any suggestions. I am also happy to accept optimized translation files.

Das freut mich sehr Jeremy,
Ich schicke heute noch das Update raus mit den Englischen Files, wir werden natürlich die Übersetzungen weiter verbessern und fehlende Strings in den nächsten Updates ergänzen. Gib mir einfach Bescheid wenn Dir etwas auffällt oder Du Vorschläge hast. Ich nehme auch gern optimierte Übersetzungsfiles entgegen.

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What is the minimal install to get UpFront working on a theme? I notice there are UPFornt Framework download and then a theme (Spirit) then the UF Builder Download options.

One would assume the UpFront Builder would suffice but when I went to download it shows that I was downloading a theme… not the plugin.

Is it possible to create a release or even a working version on Github so it is easy to know what zip file is needed to add the plugin to a theme.

You need at least the theme framework. With a starter theme you get a “blueprint” that you can adapt to your needs.
The builder is a plugin that allows you to create your own themes with the framework, these are like the starter themes. But you always need the framework. The themes you create with the builder are child themes. This makes it possible, for example, to activate the builder on only one website in the multisite network and to update the themes created/adapted there in the entire network at the same time (an application scenario that was the focus of development)

Du brauchst mindestens das Theme-Framework. Mit einem Startertheme bekommst Du eine “Blaupause” die Du anpassen kannst an Deine Bedürfnisse.
Der Builder, das ist ein Plugin welches es Dir ermöglicht eigene Themes mit dem Framework zu erstellen, diese sind wie die Starterthemes. Du benötigst aber immer das Framework. Die Themes welche Du mit dem Builder erstellst sind Child-Themes. Dadurch bietet es sich an, den Builder zum Beispiel nur auf einer Webseite im Multisite Netzwerk zu aktivieren und die dort erstellten/angepassten Themes im ganzen Netzwerk gleichzeitig zu aktuallisieren (Ein Anwendungsszenario das im Vordergrund bei der Entwicklung stand)


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For all the want new or better Translations: UpFront dashboard in Crowdin

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OK, I had some time to experiment, and I am here to suggest that you need to be a lot clearer about the steps to get UpFront working.

Maybe this is a question of jargon that everyone else knows, but even after using DeepL to translate everything I could find, there was no clear explanation that UpFront Framework is a theme, and should be uploaded to themes. It is not a plugin.

I’m not not sure how to make this clear. Maybe nobody except me had this problem.

The Spirit theme knew enough to install an UpFront theme, but it was a very old version (1.0.5 if I remember correctly). When I tried to activate it, I got a series of errors of the general form

`Warning: include_once(/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ClassicPress-release-1.5.2/wp-content/themes/upfront/library/upfront_functions.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ClassicPress-release-1.5.2/wp-content/themes/uf-spirit/functions.php on line 11

Then, when I tried to upload UpFront to my themes, I realised that the problem was a much older version of UpFront. Now that I have UpFront framework and Builder and a child theme, I will continue to explore.

Thanks for all the work on this so far.


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Thanks for your feedback. We are already working on it, everything should be clearer in the next update.
We work also on a Update for the Starter-Themes so they should install the korrekt new UpFront Version.
I hope you got it installed now and it works, I welcome further feedback to make UpFront better, English help sources are in progress, so all tutorials and guides are also available in English.

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Forgett it, will break with CP2.0, i have no cpacity for such a overhaul, that will be need for Work with cp2.0

So, it’s dead in the water?