UpFront The ClassicPress Theme-Framework

Hello dear CP users and fans,
I’m proud to present UpFront, the revolutionary theme builder and theme framework.
UpFront is a lightweight theme framework that allows you to create, download and use themes for ClassicPress on any ClassicPress.
UpFront is not only aimed at beginners, but also at professional users, because your skill in HTML, CSS and JS is required to get everything out of your design. UpFront takes you by the hand, you achieve beautiful results without a line of your own code. UpFront has already included more complex CSS elements such as switching to responsive mode, for example, by simply giving the elements the desired parameters in responsive mode.
Unlike Elementor, UpFront is not equipped with a click option for every “Had, Was, If” scenario, which benefits the performance of the theme framework.
This is how UpFront shows its strengths to the full in connection with ClassicPress. Especially when it comes to performance, UpFront pulls out all the stops.
UpFront is currently in German, we would be happy if you send us your language files, we will be happy to include them in an update.
Of course, UpFront also comes with the PSOURCE Updater, so your theme and builder is always up-to-date.


Thanks for sharing. Was this the WPMUDEV theme? Did you make any changes since they stopped maintaining it? Is it PHP 8.0 compatible?

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hey vik,
Yes, it was. I’ve been using it for ages and when they stopped development (thanks Gutenschrott) I had to lend a hand to keep it running. As far as I can tell so far I’ve managed to secure the PhP8.1 functionality, but there are still a lot of things on my list that I still want to fix on old functions and of course I’m now working on a solution for virtual pages again. But I’m only a man, I’m doing what I can, but please enjoy and if you find a problem just yell, I’ve included an updater as usual. And if you want to contribute code yourself, you know, always welcome, friend.

In any case, I took the liberty of creating and inserting new help resources, trying to provide as many code snippets as possible and regular updates can be expected. In the future, however, the main focus will be on the broadest possible support of ClassicPress plugins, or I am currently converting my entire range of plugins/themes to ClassicPress.

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