Upgrade from 4.8

I have migrated a couple of sites from 4.9.8. to ClassicPress no problem, and now a friend wants to migrate his site too. Here is the kicker, his site runs on 4.8.7. So I can’t use the plugin, I thought about upgrading to 5.0 and then migrating, but the site is also not upgrading to 5.0 because it cant skip the step of 4.9 I guess?

Now my question is, is there an easy way to migrate his site to ClassicPress from 4.8.7?

Hi @anon14774557

If you are confortable with FTP you can follow the documentation to migrate this manually.

Basically the process consists in replacing the core files, nothing is touched in the database but first it’s advised to backup everything just in case.

Don’t remind any problem in upgrading from 4.8.7 to the most recent version (5.0 in this case).


Thanks @rui !

Upgrading through FTP worked like a charm. It did ask to update the database, but after it did so, everything works fine.

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Glad it worked fine. Enjoy ClassicPress :sunglasses:


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