V2 Development status update please

What is the current status on CP V2 development and when can we anticipate to see an Alpha version for testing?

I’m currently holding off publishing my second theme as I would like it to be stable for V2 with back-compat for V1 if at all possible. Knowing the status and having access to an Alpha version will help greatly in the development workflow.


There has been no progress on CP V2 yet, a lot of the committee has been trying to catch up with our personal work we all put on hold to get V1 out. We have also been spending this downtime beginning to really market ClassicPress as a viable alternative (@BlueSkyPhoenix has been doing a ton of great work here).

The big projects for V2 is implementing core plugins and building out our plugin directory. Anyone interested in helping out in these projects should touch base with @james.

The marketing team is also working on the new ClassicPress website, I am sure some help would be appreciated there too :slight_smile:


That’s not quite true - there’s been a lot of design work on the plugin directory; hopefully I’ll have a bit more time for that later today.

You are quite correct though - we’re all catching up on what we postponed for V1.

Generally, V2 is a structural change rather than functional, so @zulfgani should be fine developing for V1 with the expectation it’ll continue to work with V2.


I can work with this, thank you for the assurance :slight_smile: