V2 release date?

Seems like CP2 has been in testing for a while now; any projections about when it might release?

V2 got a little delayed by the need to release a new version of v1 so that we could deprecate use of XHTML (in favor of HTML5) before releasing v2.

So far as v2 is concerned, we need to re-write the About page (which appears after an update) and get the HTML5 changes finished.

But we’re not wasting time in the meanwhile. We have used the time to add some new filters for the user profile page and to convert thew Add Menu Items field to use the disclosure widget for enhanced accessibility.


I can hardly WAIT for the final release of V2… testing has been going VERY well with the nightly versions, and I’m hoping to be able to deploy the release version on my production site soon!


Is there an ETA?

Not at the moment, unless @viktor has an update on that.

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Although no date is set yet, we’re very close to releasing it. I think we should discuss the timeline for release at the upcoming core meeting this Thursday.


Any updates on when you may be releasing V2?

+1 seeing forward to try it :slight_smile:

Are we there yet? :blue_car: :arrow_up:


“Sind wir schon da, Papa Schlumpf?”
(Context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OLC3RMgK8s)

… are we there yet? :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.

RC1 is coming within days :smirk: