Wade Striebel

This is my official announcement for my intent to run in the upcoming elections for the 2020 ClassicPress Committee.

As a community, this past year has seen us through a lot, and I am proud to say that I was a part of the founding committee driving ClassicPress forward. I wish to return in 2020 to help continue to shape this organization into the business-focused CMS we are aiming for while maintaining this welcoming community for all users. In 2020, I wish to continue my roll with the Community Team, while also being actively involved with other teams as necessary.

The biggest project I spearheaded in this last year was getting the ClassicPress Forums online. The forums today are one of our most active channels and a backbone for many other major projects that are in the works. Since the launch of the forums I have also been the lead moderator, assisting in conflict resolution and leading TL4 users to help maintain a friendly and welcoming community for every user of ClassicPress.

Next year is a critical year for ClassicPress as we continue to validate that ClassicPress is a new CMS that businesses everywhere can rely on. I look forward to being a part of this.