Web242 adds ClassicPress auto-installer

I’m pleased to announce we have added a ClassicPress auto-installer to cPanel. Hosting clients can now install ClassicPress (as well as other applications provided from Installatron). Tutorial on our blog to follow!


Excellent. :+1:


Yes, that does look good!

Which reminds me. The feature request for a ClassicPress cPAddon on cPanel could still do with 1 or 2 more votes. :wink:



Actually, I see there are several other installers in the cPane Appp Catalog. Maybe start hitting them up to include it?

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Hi Avrom,

I think this is a different topic. As you know, WordPress and ClassicPress for that matter are considered “scirpts” or “applications”. They are installed and managed under cPanel “Auto-Installers”. (Installatron does that well).

Unless I’m missing the point, I don’t see CP as an app/script being under the software categories that cPanel provides:

Installatron now supports CP, and it looks like Softaculous will as well. So it looks like ClassicPress in cPanel is covered now. So I’m not sure I see the feature request to have a single CMS app/program being directly in cPanel. Otherwise all the other scirpts like Joomla and Drupal would be too.

(Post deleted. Provided here for context.).

The point is to increase exposure of ClassicPress in as many places as we can.

cPanel already provides their own installer for WordPress as described here https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+to+Install+WordPress+With+cPanel so Softaculous and Installatron are not necessary if all you’re using is WP.

Hence the reason for submitting a feature request to cPanel asking them to provide their own installer for ClassicPress too, which would sit nicely alongside the existing installer for WP. Like yours does.

More exposure… :slight_smile:


Got it! Will add my vote in…