Web242 wants to support ClassicPress hosting

We are a Canadian web company, that has been selff-hositng many of our clients for over 3 years now. We have an excellent server with lots of capacity, backups and resources. We have a US based server and we would like to open our hosting and support to ClassicPress.

If I can get help with setting up a cPanel installer, and someone from the ClassicPress community to help with support tickets for CP, I would be very interested in filling this need.

Web242 Media Inc.


Hi Avrom,

Thanks for supporting ClassicPress!

ClassicPress has recently been added to Installatron and will shortly be added to Softaculous so I’d have thought they should cover your needs.

At present, ClassicPress is almost identical to WordPress 4.9.12 (without Gutenberg) so it’s a tried and tested platform. Subsequently, the number of support calls should be minimal and at this stage, any you do get could almost certainly be answered by anyone with knowledge of WordPress.

I personally can’t answer this question so hopefully someone else will chip in but all I can say is that our forums are very active and there’s always someone willing to help out.

Hope this helps.


Wonderful! We already have Softaculous installed for one-click installs. So if ClassicPress is coming to Softaculous, that is going to make things very easy!

For now we can manually install no problem. :slight_smile:

Yup, no issue to support WP 4.9, we have been developing and hosting WP for years. It would be specific CP issues we could use a hand with from someone in the community - should that need arise.

I will start setting up for CP hosting this week, and be in touch with the community soon! Thanx for all your help.



Excellent. Great to have you on board!

I can’t say for sure when ClassicPress will be added to Softaculous but we are in advanced discussions with them and they are actively working on an install script right now. So, realistically, we’re probably looking at early January now - but don’t hold me to that.


Glad to help! Wish I supported sooner. :slight_smile:


Avrom, thanks for your support! As @1stepforward has mentioned I think you’ll generally find there is always someone willing to help when needed. Please keep in mind that we are all-volunteer!

When you need support help, here is the best place to ask: https://forums.classicpress.net/c/support

Again – welcome and thanks! Glad to have you with us.


Hi again! This might be a new thread - so apologies if I have not posted correctly.

  1. Anything we need to do at the server level to support auto-updates for ClassicPress?

  2. At this time minor WordPress updates are only done at the site level per Softaculous installation. So I don’t see that interfering with ClassicPress installations. Correct?

Thank you!


Pinging @james here as he’s probably one of the best people to answer this question.

  1. You shouldn’t need to do anything else to support auto-updates, unless you’ve added special code to your servers or to your customers’ sites for this. ClassicPress auto-updates work pretty much the same way as with WP, except they talk to different servers.

  2. I’m not really sure about this one either. What do you mean by “minor updates” in WordPress? Under what circumstances would Softaculous perform such an update? Another thing to look out for here would be WordPress sites that have used the migration plugin to switch to ClassicPress.

We’ll be here! We are also very much open to ideas and contributions that make things easier for hosts, as long as everything keeps working for other use cases too.


When you install with Softaculous you get the option to specify what updates you want to be automatic (from memory it’s something like none, minor or major).

I’m not actually sure how this ties in with settings that can be added manually in wp-config, or by security plugins like Shield.

But Softaculous will notify you when you need an update and you can manually do an update from the Softaculous dashboard.


Yeah I think this is a non issue. The CP installs will be manual for now, so they won’t even be registered as a WP install.

Unlike the big hosting companies, we dont install force update scripts or any other software for that matter, to force clients to update.

I just want to say, the response and support from the CP community is awesome - very responsive.
Thank you!