Webmasters, how are you handling the influx of change requests?

I am curious how other webmasters are handling the influx of change requests/support requests/clients given most places are now moving to digital only (meaning everyone is trying to set up e-commerce sites).

This isn’t a topic about COVID-19 itself, yes it is scary, but more the business side of things for those that build, manage, and host websites.


This is the problem.

3 different tasks, 3 different skills, 3 different pricing models. Solve this problem and your life will be a lot easier.

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I do all three. :slightly_smiling_face:

I charge one-time fee for build, then annual fee for manage and host.

I haven’t had a lot of requests… most of my clients either already have e-commerce in place, or don’t need it anyway. One big shop wanted a simple booking system set up so they could see customers by appointment only. And I had my first online piano lesson with Robbie yesterday (using Zoom), but we spent most of the time messing around with cameras and trying to sort out sound quality.


Thats the problem: Most people who would now need sites, and havent have invested in one, are now kinda in-between - they dont have the knowledge or experience to build their own, but also usually lack the proper knowledge of on how to aquire any kind of other options, eg. a designer (which they might deem too expensive etc.) or a simple wizard site option, or even things like microshops, setting up an ebay store etc. pp.

I do have some plans for this though - focus on the local area, get people setup with minimalist solutions (whether its a simple site + some simple payment options, eg. PayPal Buttons or PayPal Express checkout plugins and the likes, or something more complex), and offer additional services, so they can survive, while also not trying to exploit their ignorance / inexperience.

Lets see how this turns out.

cu, w0lf.

Right now the majority of my (very much increased!) change requests are from clients needing to notify of changes in status/shutdowns. I do have two new e-comm proposals out there now but I’m not sure if they’re going to move forward now that things are effectively in shutdown.

As far as handling it – I’ve been triaging my inbox daily to prioritize the most urgent requests and handing off as much work as I can to my production assistants. Even so, we’re buried right now.