Webmasters out there?

I have a backup of a site I need to restore… I’m not POSITIVE, but I believe it was taken from WP 4.9.8…

Here’s my question… if I turn that domain back on and give you an admin username and password, as well as the backup, could you attempt to restore it and bring it up to BETA 2? If so, how much would you charge for doing that?

I’ve reached out on Slack so that we can get this resolved.

More generally, this is something the committee has talked about a few times. We’re happy to facilitate premium support or development. We think that’s a good fit with ClassicPress being a business-focused CMS.

We’ll want to put some more definitive guidelines in place for this type of work, but I think it’s best for us to undertake these projects on an individual basis apart from any official involvement with ClassicPress, as I am doing here. In the future we will probably also want a dedicated section for these projects, like a job/project board or at least a “Premium Support” subforum.


Note: this is resolved, the site in question is now live and running ClassicPress 1.0.0-beta2.


BIG kudos to James for this… it’s a situation I’ve had for over a week now, & it had me tearing my hair out… GREAT work… anyone else who is in need of resolutions should consider “going private” with the fine folks at CP!!!


OH, the SITE that James helped me with is http://patbattstone.com If any of you play the piano, or love listening to well-crafted keyboard work, you may want to check it out!


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