Webmentions and IndieWeb

I went looking in the forum for any interest in IndieWeb because that is a community I am interested in, and found a reference to Webmentions in the discussion about removing Pingbacks.

As I am sure some people know, there is a full suite of WP plugins that enable various aspects of the IndieWeb protocols. I do not in fact make much use of them in my own ClassicPress site, although the bits I do use, such as Webmentions from Twitter, continue to work well.

I am not a developer and so could not help directly, but I invite anyone who might be interested in forking these plugins to drop by the IndieWeb discussion – which is also available via IRC, Matrix and Slack – to see whether there could be good opportunities.


My ClassicPress site is rather new but the testing I have done shows the Indieweb suite of WP plugins work well with ClassicPress.

There might be synergies for CP to have some level of contact with the folks at Indieweb.org


If possible, could you list the Indieweb plugins you use and work in CP? I think it would be helpful for others interested in Indieweb.

Also, if you ever chat with those plugin developers, I recommend asking them to mention ClassicPress compatibility in their readme.txt file. Beaver Builder readme.txt is a good example to show them. This way it’s easier to find CP plugins.

Indieweb plugins installed on ClassicPress and are working

Indieweb IndieWeb – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
IndieAuth IndieAuth – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Microformats 2 Microformats 2 – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Micropub Micropub – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Post Kinds Post Kinds – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Semantic-Linkbacks Semantic-Linkbacks – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Syndication Links Syndication Links – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Webmention Webmention – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
WebSub (FKA. PubSubHubbub) WebSub (FKA. PubSubHubbub) – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

There are more, these are just the ones I use and can verify.

@viktor I did pass along your request to mention ClassicPress to one of the lead plugin maintainers and he said he would.