Welcome to the ClassicPress Forums!

Welcome to the ClassicPress forums!

As you have likely noticed, we leverage Discourse for our forum. As such, we highly recommend you start by completing your onboarding, so you can take full advantage of the powerful platform Discourse is.

As always, all are welcome in our community, so please feel free to jump into any of the ongoing discussions.

For support related requests please visit our support category. For feature changes or recommendations to improve ClassicPress please visit our petitions site.


If you are signed in, you can start by checking your first notification up there on the right!

Or you can go to your messages, click New Message, and start a new message to @discobot. In the body, write @discobot start tutorial, and then click Message to send it and start a guided introduction to how our forum software works.

For more information please refer to Interactive Forum Tutorials.

Other helpful resources:

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