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yay, party!

uh … I meant: It works! :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.


Fun! Plus… badges! :name_badge:


I have also given all committee members the “Committee” badge :sunglasses:

The committee badge can also be used as a title, similar to how @fwolf has his showing up :grinning:


Nice :facepunch: :sunglasses:


And of course, we couldn’t forget to add in the :classicpress: emoji!


Lovely! I have to write more than 20 characters for this post to go live…


Hello guys
and good luck


Nice, clean and inviting.
I hope my reply improves the conversation in some way.


Hello from Toronto. Really 20 characters?


Reduced minimum character length to 5 :slightly_smiling_face:




Louis, nice to see you here!
So… when can we visit Ye Olde Pub for a :beer: or :beers:?


@pieter - Thank you. And Soon. :slight_smile:

Had to take a trip which slowed things. But back at it now.


Good going. Happy to be here.


Should we rename this thread “welcome to forums!”?


Changed now :wink:


Uploaded the Beta files to overwrite the Alpha installation. Everything went as planned.

My test site is basic, but has enough content to check CP works. Well done!


Great to hear! :slight_smile:


Great Work. Testing the beta version. I want a badge too. :wink: