Team Updates: June 2020

Community Team

Following some feedback from the community regarding user onboarding we have made changes to ensure new users can get up and running in the community quickly and frictionlessly. The biggest change was to the Welcome to the ClassicPress Forums! post that new users see first when visiting the community.

Additionally, we have tweaked the onboarding message new users receive as their first notification to be more clear that the message is an invite to begin the onboarding experience.

Finally, the latest updates to the forum include the ability to filter for all/unread/read on notifications page. A welcome change for those that have a large number of notifications.


  • Work on more clear category descriptions because it was brought to our attention that not all categories make sense/are understood
  • Forum maintenance in the coming week or so

@Team-Leads please add your team updates below.

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Marketing Team - @BlueSkyPhoenix

Discussion/Action items from our last meeting include:

  • Improve the content on the site.
    So far we have completed:

    • @norske and @james worked on a landing/target page for plugin developers – this is live here.

    • A full review still needs to be done regarding updating site content or making content easier to find (such as @joyously’s suggestion that we need to make the minimum version numbers of PHP and MySQL and browser support for admin more prominent – for both users (on the Get ClassicPress page) and developers (page TBD).

  • A call was put out for help in revising/improving the brand documentation, but there has been no response so far. We still need assistance in this area.

  • We have posted one CP Showcase site so far; more articles need to be written. We could use assistance in this area.


  • We will be contacting WP Tavern and WP Mainline to see if they would be open to allowing us to write an article that reaches out to WP users still on 4.9.x. @blueskyphoenix is working on the wording for that initial email and will update at our next meeting.

The marketing team will meet this month to regroup. Please keep an eye out for a Doodle poll.


Ecosystem Team


The first beta release of Classic Commerce was released after making 240 commits since the previous release. CC is now considered to be relatively stable. We are now looking for people to test CC in a non-production environment and we’d be grateful for the community’s support.

The fourth - and probably final - beta version of Classic SEO was released. RC1 is due shortly. We are now approaching 40 active installations of Classic SEO.

Technical Outreach

As announced at the end of March in this post New DigitalOcean OpenLiteSpeed ClassicPress 1-Click Application, work was completed on a joint project between the Ecosystem Team and LiteSpeed which resulted in the OpenLiteSpeed ClassicPress 1-Click Application being made available on DigitalOcean.

Take-up to date has been quite slow with only 15 active installations. So, if you’ve got a DO droplet, please use the 1-Click installer. And remember, you can get $100 credit if you sign up to DO using the affiliate link in the post. ClassicPress also gets $25 from each referral.

Currently awaiting details of usage statistics for Softaculous and Installatron. Will update this post if/when I get them.

Update June 4 - Softaculous: “we do not share the statistics to anyone as this is against our company policy”. :thinking:


Just wondering if there’s any updates on translations and security?


Tagging @ElisabettaCarrara and @invisnet. Any updates?


Core/development team

I released version 1.1.4 today with the security fixes from WP 4.9.15 and 5.4.2: ClassicPress 1.1.4 Release Notes

Development for ClassicPress version 1.2.0 is still in progress per the original plan: ClassicPress release plan: Version 1.2.0

In order to include more bugfixes in this release, they need to be pretty clear and simple, according to our code review criteria.

I’m setting an updated date of July 4th for the 1.2.0-rc1 preview release containing these changes. If volunteers can help complete any of the tasks above then that may be able to be pushed forward a bit.

If anyone has any questions about any of the above, you know where to find me, and I’ll also be scheduling a core development meeting soon, probably towards the end of next week.

Infrastructure team

No major changes here, our servers are still running fine and being updated regularly. The only thing that changed recently was the latest WP version supported by the migration plugin which is currently up to date with the latest WP version.

Documentation team

We still need someone to plan & lead a fairly large effort around removing duplicate content & organizing things better between,, and a few other places (mostly various GitHub repositories).

In the meantime the pages at are open for everyone to edit: Contributing to the ClassicPress documentation

I’ve also considered making more pages on the main site available under the same system, so that those pages have a public contribution and edit history. What do others think?