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The badges pile up pretty quick!

Hi All, I saw mention of Classic Press in a popular WP Page builder FB page. So off I went with Google and found your website.

. Since I have used WP. I have done a lot of reading. (A lot of it negative too). I have also read how Automattic tries to cut off highly competetive plugins, for example pushing out one spam protection plugin from the repo for their own Aksimet to be on top.

I have also had so many issues with WP. With that being said, I am keenly watching the development of Classic Press.

I am curious to see what plugin devs have to say and build for classic press. I would love to see my favourite WP plugins available here. Or will classic press be compatible with WP plugins?

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Out of curiosity, what page builder Facebook page?

Version 1 will be compatible with any plugin/theme that works on 4.9.x :slight_smile: Going forward, we would like to see plugin developers support ClassicPress, but as we have seen that has mainly come down to whether their users are asking for it. See this discussion: Wordfence and ClassicPress