What can I do at a local level to help promote ClassicPress?


I am interested in hearing some discussion regarding this, and how to best answer it.

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I just share posts I see on Twitter and suggest also sharing on Facebook. Any social networking platform really. Talk to friends, family and coworkers, mouth to mouth, email. Of course, I will be posting on the pub site where others can also share from and to.


Because I deal with design agencies on a daily basis I have been ‘soft-pressure’ selling the idea that an alternative to WP is coming, pass along information about what CP is all about (vs. the Luddite hype I am hearing from, frankly young, WP aficionados). I am getting positive feedback and setting to be a local resource for what is happening, what works and what is on the roadmap.

Knowledge WILL rule the world!


At a local level, I’ve contacted every one of my clients to let them know of the upcoming changes, as well as posting to my various social media feeds – and offered ClassicPress as a viable solution. I’ve also been in touch with other agency owners in the area to discuss options and how they plan to handle WP changes. I’m also considering doing a workshop with the local Chamber of Commerce after the holiday to help local business owners.


I think those are great ideas!. I’ve done a million workshops for Chambers of Commerce and professional associations, but recently moved to a sleepy retirement area (houses are new and very affordable and we got sick of the snow) so not sure if anyone locally even knows what WordPress is or cares so kind of stymied locally. I’ve created some local WordPress groups on Meetup and will advocate for ClassicPress through those for sure.

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A great way to get noticed is to respond in popular Wordpress .org reviews, forums, comments, and simply ask the question! Example: Is this plugin compatible with ClassicPress It’s the fork? It’s how I found ClassicPress existed. I saw it talked about in a WP . org thread and followed the trail. a large volume of people are are either irritated right now or uncertain about WP for many reasons. Strike while the iron is hot and ask questions about ClassicPress anywhere you can (strictly without being spammy) I call this approach “dumb blond mode”, it seems to work! people will see the light bulb question :slight_smile: and that’s what we want, eyeballs, lots of eyeballs.

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Be careful doing that. I created a new account there and reviewed 4 plugins, before I got banned.

I created another account and did one simple review and that got me banned too.

If you don’t want to lose your account, I’d be very careful, or at least use a new one!

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Guess, WordPress doesn’t really like ClassicPress as much as Mullenweig said he was fine with it. What a surprise (I’m being facetious). I’ve done the same thing with my account and honestly don’t really care that much at this point WP has changed so much that it’s not even the same CMS. The bloom is off the rose so to speak.