What does it mean for a plugin or theme to offer official support for ClassicPress?

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These are good questions. Here are some other things we might consider…

  • a public statement of commitment (forum, blog, social, whatever)

  • a readme note indicating commitment and support

  • the plugin is listed in the CP directory (by the developer)

  • the developer has a forum account for addressing questions

  • the developer continues to show a willingness in addressing issues that arise

  • texts refer to CP, not WP (IMO full support means I don’t read “WordPress” or “WP” in my dashboard)

  • plugins are actually tested on ClassicPress

Disclaimer: I’m not arguing for or against any of these things…just kicking off a discussion. :slight_smile:


There are at least two meanings of “support”.

To me, “support” in this context means the developer has confirmed that the plugin works perfectly on CP, and that they intend to maintain this state of affairs.

It does not necessarily mean that the developer is offering technical support (though they may do), and it should not oblige them to do so. That’s an entirely different definition of “support”.


I don’t think we should make it too difficult, for obvious reasons. But at the same time, the commitment needs to be unequivocal.

As a minimum, I would like to see:

These are all relatively simple and require little time or effort from the dev but I think demonstrates commitment quite clearly.

We could also ask them to tweet but tbh, I’d have thought the developer would automatically want to do this anyway.

As @anon95694377 says, I don’t think we could insist on technical support but perhaps any devs that do provide it can get an extra badge or perhaps a filter.


Really good talking points, thanks.

I think it would be good to ask for a minimum level of interaction. Questions like “Will your plugin do x?” or “Does the paid version give me access to y?” need to be answered somewhere and it’s not onerous. They might even be answered by someone else already using the plugin.

Plugins listed with WP all have a support forum included as standard. It may not be prompt, high level, technical support (which is why you move to a paid plugin) but there should be somewhere to ask basic questions. So asking them to create an account is no big deal… I’d imagine they would want to anyway. Perhaps each plugin in our directory could be assigned its own tag on this forum?

This would be nice, but a big ask (at this early stage at least).

I agree with Tim’s 4 points - that’s not difficult.


Good points, all. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

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I really like the concept of encouraging plugin and theme developers to publicly state that there code works with ClassicPress.

As for the more Technical Support side of things, I note that many plugins on the WP repository are abandoned and my feeling is that the support forum over at WP can become far to technical and hostile which leads to developer disengagement and code being adandoned. Ideally ClassicPress needs to find a way to support developers; with basic questions asked on a forum being entirely reasonable but high level technical questions being highly discouraged.


The best way for developers to indicate support for ClassicPress will be to publish their work in our directory. I’m also in favor of encouraging interaction with our community as described in the first post. I think the specific way(s) we want to handle that will generally need to evolve over time but I’m glad to see some other options listed here.

One thing that we already see is a public statement of commitment from developers on our forums, and in some cases this is really just an announcement that the plugin or theme is ready for testing/usage. It’s great to see these going out directly to ClassicPress users here on the forums.

I think both of these kinds of questions should be encouraged, actually. It’s not really clear to me yet which type of question should go where. Doing user support here on the forums seems to work pretty well but would be a big commitment from our small team as the directory grows so I’m not sure if we would be able to offer that for everyone. Discussing technical issues on each plugin’s GitHub repository probably also makes sense.


I think we could fall on the side of “you’re free to support your plugins here on the forums”… rather than “moderators and users will support your plugins on the forums”.

I agree and have also abandoned projects there under several handles for the hostility received during the plugin approval process. I think we’ve far surpassed the WP support experience already. :wink: It’s much friendlier here, you can post pretty much what you want within lenient guidelines, you don’t get shut down without any recourse. Your posts don’t just go bye-bye. And our forum software rocks. :+1: It’s refreshing. These things are definite value-added to the developer experience that WP just doesn’t have going for it anymore.


If we do then we need to provide some structure and moderation to help with that process anyway.

I’m not against that, just pointing out that it’s likely to be a lot of work. I think it also depends on whether Wade is up for it, managing the forums is of course a shared effort but with him at the lead.


LiteSpeed, Beaver Builder and others say they’ll support their own products running on ClassicPress themselves but they’ve also asked us to help out if they come across something they can’t resolve. I think that’s fair enough.

As a side note, LiteSpeed have today added that their cache plugin is supported on CP in their GitHub repo. This will make it onto the WP repo in the next release. https://github.com/litespeedtech/lscache_wp/blob/ba012e22dbc4cf500f2cd81b870cab11876eb90e/readme.txt