What will change with themes in ClassicPress?


I’m from Padma Unlimited team ( theme builder for WP), we are planning to give support to ClassicPress but our team would like to know what changes will come in the future of ClassicPress.

There is some plans for changes or the themes will work in ClassicPress like WP?

Our theme work well on alpha 1.

Thanks for any comment.


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Hi @marodok, and welcome!

We expect plugins and themes that work with WP 4.9.x to continue working well with ClassicPress 1.x.

From https://docs.classicpress.net/faq-support/#will-my-current-plugins-and-themes-work-in-classicpress :

If your current plugins and themes work in WordPress 4.9.x, they will work in ClassicPress too. If you’re seeing something otherwise, that’s probably a bug with ClassicPress, and we’d appreciate you reporting it on Slack, the support forums, or GitHub.


Great! Thanks for the response.


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Just to let you know, I’ve started to use ClassicPress with Padma and Elementor Pro on new client sites - everything is working fine.