What's the difference between version 1 and 2 and other questions

I have WordPress v6.3 and Woocommerce v8.0.2

I found ClassicPress on the autoinstaller and was like what is that but what’s rhe difference between v1 and 2 of ClassicPress? I checked and Woocommerce says it says 6.2 or higher and I’d like to see what that means here WooCommerce – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

First and foremost, welcome to the ClassicPress Forum @d351r3d

Let’s start by saying that CP is WP without all the blocks.

V. 1 of CP is a fork of WP based on WP 4.9, so things working with WP 4.9 should work with CP v1

After forking WP we continued keeping up with them back-porting stuff but during and after COVID things got slowed down, so for V. 2 of CP it was decided that re-forking WP and removing blocks from it was needed to get all the updates we needed like PHP 8 and libraries and things like that, so CP v. 2 is based on WP 6

As for WooCommerce older versions might work on v1 and everything that works on WP 6 might work in CP v2. We do have a fork called ClassicCommerce that was an effort that started years ago and was slowed down too. At present a team is coordinating to maintain it and works on that are going to start soon, that means we will be able to have our own commerce solution.

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Welcome, @d351r3d!

As Elisabetta pointed out, ClassicPress v1.x is based on WordPress v4.9, and ClassicPress v2.0 will be based on WordPress v6.2. CP v2.0 is currently in alpha and not ready for production, although it is stable in our tests.

Both v1 and v2 do not have blocks or Full Site Editing, but v2 will be compatible with PHP 8.1 and (later) with PHP 8.2, and so on. v1 supports PHP 8.0 only.

Technically, plugins and themes that support WordPress 6.2 should work with ClassicPress v2, but it’s not that simple. A few things we noticed in our tests:

  • CP v2 doesn’t have React included, so any plugins or themes relying on React or associated JS libraries for their admin UI will have issues or not work. This includes WooCommerce.
  • Plugins built specifically for blocks and FSE (such as Spectra) will not work and cause fatal errors.

If you decide to test v2, please report any issues, including plugin/theme compatibility issues.

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