What's the latest version of MariaDB I can use with ClassicPress?

I was able to access the WordPress installer via PHP 8.1 and MariaDB. I’m using Ubuntu Server 22.04. Since downgrading to PHP 8.0, an attempt to access the ClassicPress installer, I get the following message:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by ClassicPress.

I have tried following the compatibility list on WordPress.org here → Compatibility – Make WordPress Hosting with no luck. Because I thought it might have more to do with the PHP version than ClassicPress. Should I be going as low as MariaDB 10 in conjunction with the WordPress 4.9 version to have any success?

Thanks to any help!

MariaDB 10.6.12

Edit: Looks like I have a different problem as well. phpMyAdmin is no loner.

EDIT FIX AND NO FIX: I have everything working at PHP 8.1 and the ClassicPress Database setup is showing but for some reason it did not at PHP 8.0. Does anybody know how to properly spec this so it works with PHP 8.0 - the supported version?

EDIT: I’ve headed over to GitHub and I’m realizing I more than likely didn’t download the correct CP release for my situation. Ehh. Maybe not the problem. Will update.

Thought I solved the issue but realized I forgot to restart Apache… Sad. Might have to compile from source.

you’ll need to install php8.0-mysql and mariadb-client if you are installing a web server manually. MariaDB 10.6 works fine for 22.04 LTS.

u can always install using apt install apache2 so u don’t need to download and recompile the source code.

Ah. I think the issue was no php8.0-mysql! Explains why it showed under PHP 8.1 but I got the error under PHP 8.0. Thanks a ton!

Now the only issue I’m having is phpMyAdmin showing blank. Shouldn’t take too long now and we’ll be all set!

EDIT: Fixed phpMyAdmin by installing the required php8.0-mbstring package. That was easy!

The issue was I thought I needed a lower version of MariaDB to get it working than apt had. But you provided info that ruled that out.

oh yeah php8.0-mbstring is needed for PhpMyAdmin

Yes, well I’m all installed now with ClassicPress now on a machine that is bare except the server bits. Running locally. Running very fast!

Just learning how to get set up locally without tools like XAMPP, Local, etc. so I don’t mind the ride I’m on.

Cores: 6
SSD Space: 1TB
Operating System: Ubuntu Server 22.04
Web Server: Apache2
PHP Version: 8.0 (for ClassicPress), 8.1
Database Server: MariaDB, 10.6 (for ClassicPress), 10.11
Database Management: phpMyAdmin
SSH Secure Shell Access

Plan on adding another SSD in the future for Software RAID. Maybe overkill for local server?

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