Which is faster...ClassicPress or WordPress? Here's the results of 100+ tests


Disclaimer: I did these tests a few weeks back, so, they were done before v1.0.0 dropped. Nonetheless, the findings were interesting. See the results of 100+ tests in four different PHP versions and on shared vs VPS hosting. Easy to read tables… :smiley:


Now to start all over with v1? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d like to. We’ll see if it can percolate back up my to-do list. It took quite a bit more time than anticipated.


Thats fair enough


Well, I know my sites are running fast…


I can’t believe how fast themes and plugins update too. Each time I hit the update and by the time I’m done blinking it’s done, I’m left thinking…Done already?

Great work team core…keep it lean, keep it fast and keep it awesome :slight_smile:


My guess is, that without the bloat and halfway-done integration of Gutenberg plus the additional endpoints and changes in the REST API of WP 5, to accomodate Gutenborg, everything runs a bit smoother :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.


I don’t know if it’s the ClassicPress update or my theme switch or what, but the Customizer is working better lately, too.


The easiest way to test the loading times. For the same site, same theme, etc. WordPress couldn’t be faster than ClssicPress for obvious reasons if the website is properly maintained.


I think the title of this post needs to be updated to not be in the form of a question. :smiley:


Is anyone opposed to nixing shared hosting from the next tests? This would greatly reduce the workload!


I would cut shared hosting from the tests :slight_smile:


If you’re comparing ClassicPress vs WordPress, then everything else (PHP version, server) can be held constant.


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