White Screen Error on Upgrade

I have updated one site that I happened to open just a minute after rc 1 became available. Everything seems to work fine. I had an error message (white error page telling me that the update could not be completed due to maintenance or lack of resources), but as soon as I switched back to the previous page, I could see that the update had actually completed, and everything seems to be working fine (I checked for severel possible issues).
I will wait for 24 hours more before updating my other sites (same host) and, in case I come across a similar issue during the update, I will carefully document it. But I assume that it was merely a coincidence.


Do you have a screenshot of the error message?

Anyway this sounds like the normal behavior of both WordPress and ClassicPress. Sites do briefly go into maintenance mode during an upgrade, but this should only last a couple of seconds.

No, if I had made one, I would obviously have shared it. But I will carefully monitor if the same happens with the other sites, and if it does, I will document each step with screenshots.
Let’s see if other people report something similar or not. I will keep you updated about my other sites.


Glad to report that a second site on the same hosting updated to CP 1-rc1 without any issue. No white screen, everything went fine, finally reaching the “Welcome to Classic Press” page.

Nice job, everything seems to be working. I will continue with a third site tomorrow.


Third site upgraded without any issue as well, everything normal.

And I could see a speed improvement after the upgrade to RC 1, something I had not noticed earlier after switching sites from WP 4.9 to CP beta. (I used Pingdom Tools for checking.)


I suspect what you saw is the “maintenance mode” message. This is normal during upgrades, usually it disappears within a few seconds or less. Under normal operation, it’s hard to catch a site in this window, but it is occasionally possible.

Any more specifics about what changed? For example, time to first byte, or a specific network request?

You’ll see more definite speed improvements when we get to version 2 and you can start disabling and removing features you don’t need.

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I wouldn’t draw general conclusions, since I tested only for one site before and after the upgrade, and we all know that there may be variations caused by other factors. Moreover, I hadn’t paid attention to details, since I had not really expected to see any difference. But what I noticed with Pingdom Tools was that the load time was lower (while the performance grade for the site remained the same, between 82 and 84).

I will do more careful testing before/after when I switch a site from WP 4.9 to CP 1 once the final version becomes available, and see then what changes - or not.