Why close threads?

**Why do you close my threads? **
**Have I said anywhere that I have finished my list of questions? **
I have another 100 questions and I’m not going to open another 100 threads.

It wasn’t me though the one who marked it as solved. :frowning:

Your question of “how does deleting a post work” was answered, so, it was marked as solved.

If you ask a bunch of quasi-related (or non-related) questions on the same thread, the whole thread loses value. See how this thread just went off the rails and now we’re talking about forum policies? That.

Realistically speaking, nobody wants to scroll through 100 posts that are only loosely-related to the original topic. It’s time-consuming and wasteful to continue getting notifications on a thread that has already been solved, but, where people keep adding more and more and more to it. This is why we must continue to mark items as solved when they are solved.

The best thing to do is to create a thread for every new topic, rather than tacking on more and more questions on to existing topics that have been resolved. :+1:


For others who may have similar questions it is easier for them to find the answers they are looking for rather than scroll through a thread of 100+ questions and answers. This is the benefit of the solution, as the solution post will be brought up into the main question so it is super easy for others to find.

As @Code_Potent mentioned above, please create a new thread for each question.


Then you probably won’t get many answers. If you were to post a question about Classic Commerce in a thread with the title “White screen of death when I’m trying to make a new post” then I would most certainly never see it.


Ow thank you for copy pasting my posts and replying to them all by youserlves.
The funny thing is that I just now logged in and I realized that you opened a new thread on my behalf though I haven’t post a single new post here from yesterday.
Thank you guys… It is very comfortable… I don’t even have to type anything, not even to login. You open the threads on my behalf, you solve the threads on my behalf and you even quote my old posts from other threads like we have some sort of discussion.
Which we don’t because I wasn’t even here but … ok it doesn’t matter.

Look if you are so desperate to make up discussions with me I can give you my username and my password in order not to have to copy, move, start and close discussions with my old posts.
You can imprersonate me if you like. I don’t mind… lol

Now I’m going to log out. Keep up with the discussion as I made this post with plenty of paragraphs so you can use them to start plenty of new threads. I’ll be back next week to feed you with new posts in order to have to edit plenty of new discussions.

Bye… :slight_smile:

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Your post is completely out of line. Nobody is impersonating you. Your posts have been split because they were off-topic where you posted them. If this was WP, they’d be deleted and that would be it. So, just create your own new threads for new topics, they won’t be split. It is not too much to ask that the forum rules are followed.