Wicked Folders with ClassicPress

Anything newer than Version 2.18.19 of Wicked Folders will not work with ClassicPress (Folder pane will not render). There does not appear to be any security issues with the older version.

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As a plugin developer myself I have both CP and WP running on my localhost, using/sharing the same plugins and themes folders. Since I was not familiar with Wicked Folders, I installed it after reading your post.

On WP 6.5.3 this plugin runs as it should, but indeed, on CP 2.0.0 nightly-built the Folder pane is not being rendered. The plugin does echo an empty <div id="wicked-folder-pane"></div> right below #wpfooter, while in WP that is filled with Folder page code.

In CP my browser console does shows 1 breaking error, pointing to line 5282 in jquery.js referring to

if ( elem.addEventListener ) {
	elem.addEventListener( type, eventHandle );

And while this exact same line is also in the WP version on line 4997 that does not result in an error in the same browser.

This error might be stopping the rest of the jQuery code from running and that could also possibly explain the missing content in the wicked-folder-pane.

It is clear that this error is not caused by this (or any other plugin), because it occurs on every Admin page even after every plugin has been deactivated. I think this is something for the Core Development team to look into.

There was a bit more research done on this.
The issue is related to Wicked Folders depending on block related scripts after v3; so using, or maybe expanding on v2.18.19 is the way to go, ClassicPress does not support any block functions.