Will CP V2 continue support for PHP 7.4?

My theme will not work with PHP 8.0; will CP V2 continue to support PHP 7.4 for the foreseeable future?

Sure. We just can’t drop PHP 7.4 support until CP v3.

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Yes is the short answer.

The bigger issue you face though is the PHP.net don’t support PHP 7.4, or 8.0 for that matter.

End of living versions is getting very rapid at PHP now and therefore you want get security updates, your hosting provider may well push you to update.

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Let me ask another question, then… does anyone here have a list, or a link to a list, that shows themes which are compatible with PHP 8.0 or higher?

There are plans for CP v3?

Another question would be what theme and why is it not working.
I have found in most cases the changes required to make stuff work in php8 are not major recodes.


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