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I have a site using the free version of wise chat - I recently migrated to CP v2 and now the chat just says “Chat Loading…” and never actually loads. I have tried a few of the settings that are AJAX related but I am not getting it to work.

Is this another problem specific to me or something else on the site (setup is identical to the WP v6.3beta site where everything works fine) or is it maybe related to missing scripts or something?

OK, after testing, cloning and version changes the solution ended up being simple and only required unchecking an option in the advanced section of wise chat settings:

By default the setting is checked and works fine on most sites that way I suspect. Of course the site that uses wise chat is a bit different than what I use as my standard virtual server, something in that different configuration is causing the issue with the chat never loading. I am done trying to chase down the actual reason now, but that server is Ubuntu instead of Debian, which I doubt has anything to do with it. However, that server does handle wildcard subdomains passed though the reverse proxy in a different way, using virtualhost files, where my Debian servers are generally dedicated (single site) servers. My best guess is that is where the issue crops up.

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Thanks for posting the solution. To clarify, it’s not a v2 issue, right?

I would bet this is where the issue might be happening. The proxy server might not be passing the required header.

Correct Viktor, it is NOT a problem with CPv2.
As usual, I jumped to that conclusion due to the issue showing up when I migrated the site from a test server running WP, to a permanent home for the end user, but running CPv2.

I have no doubt something in the configuration is a bit off - my nginx conf files are pretty similar from server to server, and this is far from the only server using regular expression server naming for subdomain control, but clearly somewhere it is different.

No problem, I’ve done it too. I’ve updated the title of this topic to reflect that discussion better.

OK, the problem was (in a roundabout way) due to installing CPv2 as a fresh install and that some testing was done locally on the end users VM as http. So when I migrated the data, the new site was using http for the URL’s. NGINX promptly upgrades all requests to https (it controls certificates and could care less if the site is actually https or not). That is where the issue cropped up though, all my own (cloned) sites, have these entries in the config file:

  define( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true );

Additionally, the URL entries are https on my clones, but I never noticed these were left as http.
Wise Chat apparently did not like that with the XHR check enabled and would not load.

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