WooCommerce 3.9.4: Product tags box broken

Another one for WC 3.9.x: Out of some reason, the product tags metabox doesnt work anymore.
Even tried manually pre-creating product tags, but even then, you cannot add any tags. Clicking “ok” does nothing, updating the product doesnt save them either.

Currently trying to debug whats firing or supposed to fire, but doesnt.

Was working before in CP 1.7, so it might be another one of those react garble-ups.

cu, w0lf.

Adding to this topic: Was only able to debug on CP 2.x so far, am going to compare with 1.7.x as soon as I’ve duplicated the current live setup to a dev system.

Findings from yesterday evening: The other metaboxes (including the regular tag metabox of posts) are significantly better populated with events than the product tag metabox. I wonder if the existence of WP 6.x components leads WC 3.9+ into “thinking” its now able to use react instead of that “old crappy jQuery ways, because react is totally native JS” or other fancy marketing gobbledigob.

cu, w0lf.