Woocommerce no longer compatible?

I just noticed a notification that Woocommerce will be requiring WP version 5. So I am now concerned I’ll need to go back to Wordpress in order to carry on trading. I did notice a Classic Commerce mentioned but can’t find where to get it, it doesn’t show up in Add Plugins on Classicpress.

I suppose even if I get ClassicPress, there could well be issues with the extensions I rely on such as Pricing Discounts, Digital Good Checkout etc.

(In fact finding things is becoming a bit of an issue for me, sorry to say this but I’m finding this forum interface extremely confusing and hard to understand - that is for another thread.

Take a look here and here.

Maybe I’m being very thick, but I canot see a download link anywhere ???

If I’m not wrong there is not a release yet.
You can download it from GitHub choosing “Download ZIP”.


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Ok, but much as I’d love to help with testing things, something like this is too imprtant to my business to be using software not ready for release when customers and transactions are involved :frowning:
Also, what is github? That looks like something more for techy developers than regular site owners who aren’t developers.

Github is for techies - but it is also for non-techies, too. For example, there is a useful plugin called Github Updater. Once this is in your system, then any themes or plugins installed from Github can be updated from within ClassicPress (or Wordpress for that matter) in exactly the same way as the themes and plugins obtained from the “normal” Wordpress repository.


Absolutely agree! The Classic Commerce project is still in very early days. We hope to have an alpha version available next month. But there is nothing yet that we would recommend using on a live site, especially a live site that involves taking money from customers.

Testing involves setting up a separate dummy site (eg on a local machine using xxamp or similar) and trying out things there.